I started out wanting to be a songwriter. In fact that was exactly what I did when I first moved to London. I supported myself by playing the piano and singing in various pubs and wine bars and spent the days trying to write that elusive hit record. Ironically it was only when I gave up and turned to comedy that it came along. Stutter Rap, the song I wrote for my group Morris Minor and the Majors reached number four in the UK in 1988 and number one in Australia. It sold over 220,000 copies.

In the eighties I reached the final of The Vivien Ellis Prize for Young Composers for the Musical Stage with musicals which were never professionally staged. Subsequently I wrote a musical comedy called the Heartbreak Kid which was a sell out show at The Edinburgh Festival in 1994. It was selected for a short London run as part of the Perrier Pick Of The Fringe Season. I am currently rewriting the story with Tim Berrington and Lucy Bayler and we hope to mount a new production next year,, perhaps with a new title. The music has a strong country influence, as you can hear it in the four songs which you can download by visiting the MP3 player on the homepage (above the video screen).

I am continuing to write songs and I’m involved with a new band called Probably Peru who’ll be releasing an album later this year. I’ve also been writing songs with my almost namesake Chesney Hawkes and Ash Alexander.

To hear some of what we’ve done, visit

Probably Peru

Last year Tony formed a band with guitarist/vocalist and producer Andy Warrington - and they're called Probably Peru. Tony wanted to record an album of old songs that he'd written that were just sitting around as demos on tapes in a chest of drawers. Hence the album is called 'Songs From the Second Drawer Down'.

All proceeds will go the the Moldovan Care Centre that Tony started in Chisinau Moldova, so why not have a listen and then buy a copy?

I Must Have Been Dreaming
Beautiful Day
We're worth waiting for
Stood up by love
Mona Lisa
The Best Thing Yet
Drowning not Waving
This Song
Lost and Found
No Tommorrows
Thats no comfort