February 02, 2010 05:03 PM

Dear friends, 

I have the unique pleasure to introduce the Health Centre for children with chronic conditions “Hippocrates”. Health is the most precious gift given to a man, yet its maintenance throughout life is the duty of each person. The chronically sick child faces enormous obstacles in his development and social integration due to the condition. The sufferings caused by chronic conditions both to children, and their families have served as an incentive for founding this non-governmental, non-profit establishment for children with chronic conditions coming from financially vulnerable families, in a time when the Republic of Moldova was implementing important politico-economical changes, while the pauperization has registered worrying levels. The crisis in the health system of our country has made many specialists explore the possibility of non-pharmacological treatments, comparatively less expensive and yet quite efficient for the recovery/ rehabilitation of patients with chronic conditions. The use of exercise and modern physiotherapeutic methods represents one of the key principles adopted within the Hippocrates Centre as an important tool for functional recovery. Providing help to chronically ill children, we did not content ourselves with physical therapy. The complementary methods enhancing the rehabilitation efficiency such as occupational therapy, therapeutic massage, and orthosis are largely applied within the Hippocrates Centre. We could not disregard the fact that the parents taking care of a child with chronic conditions have the difficult task to search for cost-efficient recovery services. Therefore, the continuous training and education of parents with regard to care of chronically ill children and the choice of adequate treatment methods, approach to and understanding of the nature of their child suffering is the core of our activity since our opening. Listening to their fears, needs, and problems and building up together recovery programs with well defined, relevant and realistic purposes, we bring the family of the chronically ill child into the focal point of the rehabilitation process. We transform the patient and his family from the target of the recovery process into an active participant to long-term, sustainable project aiming at recovery and social integration. Activating within a non-governmental organization, we had the possibility to collaborate with many specialists in the field of medical recovery, who helped us gain knowledge of newer methods, less practiced in our country. All these beautiful things would not have existed without the financial support of our loyal sponsors – Tony Hawks and ChildAid from Great Britain, and we would like to express our warmest and sincere thanks in the name of those children, whose lives became better due to their help. 

Sincerely yours Diana Covalciuc, 

Rehabilitation- paediatrician, 

Executive-director The Tony Hawks Centre

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