Jazz Album

  1. Another Coffee PleaseAnother Coffee Please
  2. Stutter RapStutter Rap
  3. Pure, undiluted youThis song means a lot to me as my late father really like this song and I sang it at his memorial service. I can imagine this done with a country feel too.
  4. The tandem songI had the idea for this song when I saw a guy cycling a tandem on his own. This is the background story for what had happened there…
  5. Love YouIt just isn't good enough to say 'love you' to your beloved. This song explains why. In style, a nod to the classic songs of the thirties and forties.
  6. Upgrade my lifeWe've all felt like this on the odd day. If you can upgrade a plane seat, why not your life?
  7. You look nice in nothingWhat can I say, but this song is actually based on something my partner Fran said to me. Honest!
  8. Losing youPossibly the 'jazziest' track on the album. It was a tricky lyric to write as I'd set myself a difficult rhyming scheme.
  9. Living AloneAnother song written when I was twenty-something. In those days many a melancholic a song would pop out when I sat at the piano – perhaps as a diversion from my emerging career in comedy.
  10. Nice tryToo many relationships end with one or both of the former couple feel angry and bitter. A song about recognising the positives and moving on.
  11. Lying to our kidsA protest song of sorts. A controversial lyric and I suspect that you won't agree with it! Am I alone in having felt cheated as a child when I learned that adults had lied about Father Christmas?

All songs written by Tony Hawks



Holger Skepeneit – piano and string arrangements

Darren Ashford - drums

John Currie – Bass guitar

Dario Cortese – guitar (The Tandem Song, Upgrade My Life, Losing You, Lying to Our Kids, )

Jens Kommnick – guitar (Pure Undiluted You, You look Nice In Nothing)


Mixed and mastered in London by Ash Alexander Music